Reluctant……Struggling? Are they different?

02 Jan

I find that reluctant and struggling readers are all lumped into the same squishy heap and I wonder if there is truly a difference.  I also find the terms ‘’reluctant’’ and ‘’struggling’’ tend to mean different things and describe two different animals at times.  So, which is it?  Are they reluctant or are they struggling?  I’m being a bit facetious here.  Personally, I think they tend to be both and are along many different ranges within these two categories.  I don’t think they are as easily defined as they sound.

Here is some solid information on the matter from:  Maybe this can help.

Characteristics of Reluctant Readers 

  • • Readers who tend to be unmotivated often lack

self-esteem regarding their ability to read.

  • • They often attribute their difficulties to the

difficulty of the task, interference, too much

noise, vision problems, or unfairness.

  • • Seldom do they acknowledge that their own lack of skill is at the heart of the


  • • Often they have a sense of hopelessness. When the reluctance of these students to

participate in activities is interpreted as defiance or laziness, their underlying reading.problem may not be identified or addressed.

  • • Reluctant readers who have had many years of frustration often become skilled

evaders who try either to “hide out or act out” so they can avoid reading.


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