I’m a writer and special education teacher.  Dabbling in freelance writing has become more than just dabbling lately, as well.   I’ve begun a portfolio of my different writing ventures, and would love to share some, and possibly receive feedback.   Connecting with other freelance writers about surviving or even prospering in this field, is of high-interest to me.    Most of all, I would love to engage anyone interested in great writing for young children-grades 2nd-6th. and especially great writing for boys.  I believe great writing can still compete-even win at times, over the many distractions that boys have currently.  A truly great book will always win, in my illustrious opinion, over playing Super Smash Bros on a DSI, or surfing through dozens of graphic and fast moving apps on an ipod Touch.  So, I want to discuss good authors, and of course, plug myself as much as often, quite shamelessly at times as well, just a warning:)


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