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Did Video Kill Childrens Books as Well?

Childrens books compete with a myriad of other products for children’s attention nowadays, like never before.  Remember, the age- old- question- “did video kill the radio star?”  Has it possibly moved on after all of these years to zero-in on childrens books as well? Has video killed the childrens book?  Read on for brief discussion about this.

Do We Have Digital OCD?

No doubt that our country is currently suffering from digital overload and addiction.  This certainly applies to our children as well.  We’re constantly checking, checking, and then checking.  We’ve become a nation of checkers.  Constantly checking something, by the way, is one of the first symptoms of having OCD.  Checking a fast- paced and highly colorful digital game or app, is having OCD because of uniquely designed video technology, not really a symptom of a physiological disease.

A Parent’s Honesty 

An interesting article in February of 2011, in the New York Times, “A Parent’s Struggle with a Child’s Ipad Addiction,” highlighted a parent’s honesty, reasoning, and guilt, for allowing his son to use his IPad, to the point where the parent considers whether his son has become addicted.  Yes, it is easy to break out with a series of “bad-parent-scolding statements when you begin reading.  However, this parent also stated that he had set established rules for using it like:

  • Can’t use it during meal-times.
  • Can’t use it during homework time, unless it is for homework.
  • Can only use it during long car rides.
  • No electronics on school days.

This parent struggles with allowing his six year- old son to use his Ipad.  However, wonders how damaging it really is?  He only allows his son to play mind-building games and nothing from the mindless video game variety.  He eventually wonders whether digital game or app use for children is being viewed in only a  few limited ways.  Why not embrace the possibility of intellectual stimulation, even for younger children, with guidelines and monitoring, given the advent of these new technologies?  Yes, and again, with anything like this, a parent should set parameters for using it.  However, is it really something to be as ashamed about, as this parent eventually asks in this article?

Childrens Books can Be Addictive Too

Yes, this may sound like a corny jingle at Reading Rainbow.  However, it’s possible that childrens books can be presented in such a way to children where they can become addictive; used in a digital format on devices like an Ipad, and be intellectually stimulating as well. These, along with a collection of stimulating-cognition building applications, and maybe this parent shouldn’t hang his head at all.

I suppose we didn’t get to whether video will kill childrens books.  However, we seemed to go somewhere else!  Although, we did touch on a suggestion-just like video never really killed the radio star. It just forced the radio star to produce music in a new format-MP3’s.  Neither will IPAD video games nor the Internet kill childrens books. They will just force books to be more interactive and digital on a different format, and this may not be so bad.  Wait, a second!  Maybe we did answer whether video will kill childrens books!

Looking for something in the digital variety that certainly won’t destroy, and will enhance the mind of your child:

Check out Jack’s Monster, a great childrens ebook at  This is a childrens book that certainly can compete and out- do any fun-digital app out there.  You can sneak it in between the other stuff.  They’ll read it more than once.  Guaranteed!

Did Video Kill …

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